Effective November 20th, 2018 CRSI (Canadian Registry Services Inc.) has ceased operation as a .CA Domain Registrar.  We have decided to focus on our core business of IT management and transition away from domain registration services.

We have selected Register.ca Inc. to transfer all of our domain registration services.  The transition to their system took place on November 26th 2018.  Existing CRSI clients have been issued new credentials via email from Register.ca for domain management on their system.

Thank You for your patronage, we are happy to have served our existing customers since 2001.

Register.ca Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated registrar run by a team of professionals that have provided concierge domain services since 2000.  Register.ca Inc. is a CIRA certified registrar and is operating under the same high standards of dot-ca registrars.  Register.ca Inc. staff offer a personal touch in service interactions and are available to assist following the transition to their system. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Register.ca Inc.